2021-2022 School Calendar Selected  By School Board

SUPERINTENDENT NOTICE: The 2021-2022 Colstrip Public School Calendar was approved by the Colstrip Board of Trustees at its Regular April 2021 Board Meeting on April 12, 2021.

The Calendar length is 169 student contact days; nineteen (19) of which are Remote Learning Days. 

School begins on August 19 and ends on May 25. It has (8) Winter Break Days; (2) Spring Break Days. It has (144) Full Days; (23) Part Days; and (2) Half Days strategically placed to reduce low attendance. There are (184) Professional/Staff Days and (7) Pupil Instructional Related Days and (8) Professional Development Work Days or "PDW" Days for teacher development, work and group planning. This Calendar requires structured recesses for the elementary to extend learning time. The most significant characteristic of this calendar is that it includes  Remote Learning days (see information below) on scheduled school Fridays. The only Friday that students are scheduled for face-to-face instruction is on August 20, 2021. 

REMOTE LEARNING DAYS: These days will provide students remote instruction outside of school to maximize their individualized learning, using classroom materials and technology. The District will offer enrichment, correctives and educational opportunities from 8:00 AM until Noon on these days. Students are expected to complete remote learning assignments whether they are participating in one of the above opportunities or at home.

ENRICHMENT FRIDAYS: Enrichments will be provided to students whose needs go beyond the standard of instructional expectation. Enrichment Opportunities are by invitation only. Attendance is optional.

CORRECTIVE FRIDAYS: Correctives will be provided to students that are not meeting grade or content level expectations. Invitation for corrective instruction is by request. Face-to-face attendance is required. Students that fail to attend will be counted absent. Because of COVID-19 and the interruptions it created in our educational delivery, Corrective Fridays provide a significant opportunity to address students that may be at-risk or missing critical content components.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Educational Opportunities will be available to all students. Students must sign up for these opportunities ahead of time so appropriate planning can take place. These opportunities will focus on the REMOTE LEARNING expectations provided in order to help the student accomplish the skills of independent learning. On occasion, other educational opportunities will include a variety of activities and experiences. The intent will be to create a focused, fun and safe environment at each building level. Students will be in mixed age groups for many of these activities.

NOTE: School lunch and breakfast will be available for all students on Remote Learning Fridays. They may schedule to pick it up or eat in the cafeteria at the building which they attend.