This week, our CHS BPA group competed at the regional BPA competition at Baker.  Congratulations to the following students who qualified to advance to the state level competition in March:

Grace Tallbull: 7th Place-  Administrative Support Concepts; 2nd Place- Advanced Interview Skills; 2nd Place- Presentation Management Individual

Nathan BigLeftHand: 4th Place- Information Technology Concepts; 3rd Place- Presentation Management Individual

Zionna Rieck:  1st Place- Graphic Design Promotion; 1st Place- Advanced Interview Skills

Ashton Egge: 1st Place- Advanced Desktop Publishing; 1st Place- Interview Skills; 6th Place- Project Management Concepts

Sophia Blanchard: 2nd Place- Entrepreneurship; 3rd Place- Advanced Interview Skills;  1st Place- Business Meeting Management

Braeden Big Man: 3rd Place- Business Meeting Management

Congratulations again to these outstanding performers who are making our school, our community, and their families very proud!   Go Colts, Go Fillies!