"""School Notification****

 Colstrip Public Schools will operate on schedule Wednesday, 1/17. The sprinkler lines and electrical issues have been resolved and the school is safe for students and staff to return. The kitchen has power to prepare hot meals for all 3 schools. Kudos to Robert Whitehead, the maintenance staff, and CEI, who worked around the clock to restore the school to operational status. 

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe  has declared a state of emergency due to expected snowfall and temperatures, however we do have permission to run buses and pick up students who would like to come to school. Students who opt out of school due to weather will be excused. This means that they will be excused without penalty, but will also not be eligible to participate in extra curricular activities such as practices, games, or club activities on those days. 

Also, portions of the high school will be chilly, so students and staff should dress appropriately. 

Please be safe and do what is best for your family. We will keep an eye on the evolving weather situation and will advise you immediately should the situation change.