Please remind your students that behavior on the bus is a safety matter, and what might be acceptable other places is not ok there. 

 In particular, please remind them that remaining seated and reasonably quiet is important because it allows the bus driver to focus on the road and keeps the bus monitor from having to move around while the bus is in motion.  

Please remind students to remain seated upright in their bus seats with their feet on the floor.  This is important because if the bus were to have to suddenly stop or were in an accident, that is the safest position for the riders and the way safety measures on board the bus are designed to protect them.  It also allows other passengers(students or monitors) to move in the aisle to get on or off the bus or move to assist another student without tripping over feet.  

Thank you for reminding your students about the importance of safety on the bus and helping us make sure your kids arrive at school and back home safe and sound.