Vending Machine Books

SUPERINTENDENT WISH LIST: Elementary students, you can help me with my wish list. Apparently I am not eligible to purchase books out of the NEW VENDING MACHINE at PBES because I am not a student; however, you might be able to help me. Mrs. Kuykendall said all it takes is a gold coin.  PBES students are so lucky. So, if you like elk hunting as much as I do, get the book and read it, then lend it to me. Remember to read it first. It's called the Muddy Elk by Kevin Lovegreen. It is a story about a boy and his dad in The Muddy Elk, as they return to the mountains of Colorado in search of majestic elk. This bonding, father and son journey is stacked with hard work, close encounters and adventure. Follow along with Luke as he applies his knowledge from past hunts and finds himself three steps away from a giant elk. It’s a standoff you won’t want to miss. READ MORE!