Quality of Life Corp Letter Head

SUPERINTENDENT CALL FOR SUPPORT: Colstrip Public School District is a partner with the CPRD making up the Quality of Life Corporation. As you may know, the organization provides a "Breakfast Club" for kids as well as organizes and hosts the Colstrip Days Celebration. We also provide an umbrella for a number of non-profit groups through our 501(c)(3).  Below is a call for support as the Quality of Life members begin planning or this year's Colstrip Days Celebration.

Dear Colstrip Days Supporter:

The “Quality of Life Corporation” is once again sponsoring our Colstrip Day’s celebration.  Our celebration is scheduled this year for June 25th, 26th & 27th.  Our theme this year is “Revitalizing Colstrip”.  Your support in the past has truly made the event very special. Our small community really knows how to put on a celebration. Our raffle is always the highlight for many of the attendees and it really shows in our ticket sales because of the number and quality of prizes.

To help pay for this very worthwhile event we raise money from the sale of raffle tickets for merchandise that is donated or from cash donated to purchase merchandise.  Your help in making this year’s celebration a great success would be greatly appreciated.  The deadline for merchandise and/or cash donations is May 28, 2021 to make the placemats & get more exposure.  Please make checks payable to the Quality of Life/Colstrip Days.

Please contact me at 748-2840 with any questions or concerns you may have.   


Krista Hazel