College Graduates Wanted Poster

SUPERINTENDENT ALERT: Looking for College Graduates. Most everyone in the country is aware of the national teaching shortage. Here at Colstrip we too are searching for teachers. At this time we have 4 elementary teaching positions open, 1 high school business teaching position and 1 special education position. We have filled several positions already. Moving forward, the District has utilized Emergency Authorizations from the Office of Public Instruction to fill positions. This year, the 67th Legislature made revisions to the Montana Annotated Code to attract more professionals to teaching.

Make no debate about it, the District is seeking professionals, but we realize they come with different educational backgrounds. Not having a teaching certification will not limit an individual from an opportunity to teach. With that being said, we want to encourage those that have a bachelor of arts or science degree from an accredited college or university as well as significant experience in the area of teaching to apply for employment at Colstrip Public Schools. You can go on line at https://colstripsd19mt.sites.t... and apply for the openings listed.

See Emergency Authorization (MCA 20-4-11 2021) below for more information:

As outlined by HB 246

Section 6. Section 20-4-111, MCA, is amended to read: "20-4-111. Emergency authorization of employment.

(1) A district may request from the superintendent of public instruction an emergency authorization of employment for a person who is not the holder of a valid Montana teacher or specialist certificate and a required endorsement as an instructor of pupils when the district cannot secure the services of a person holding a valid Montana certificate and a required endorsement. The person must have previously held a valid teacher or specialist certificate from Montana or another state or shall provide acceptable evidence of academic qualifications or significant experience related to the area for which the emergency authorization of employment is being sought as prescribed by the policies of the board of public education for and during an emergency. Emergency authorization of employment must indicate:

(a) the district to which the authorization is issued;

(b) the person whom the district is authorized to employ;

(c) the endorsement for elementary or secondary instruction and the specific subject fields for which authorization to employ the person is given; and

(d) the school fiscal year for which the emergency authorization of employment is given.

(2) Emergency authorization of employment of a person is valid for the school fiscal year identified on the authorization and may be renewed in accordance with the board of public education policies. A fee not to exceed $6 and, if no teacher or specialist certificate or emergency authorization of employment has ever been issued for the person, a filing fee of $6 must be paid for the issuance of an emergency authorization of employment. The superintendent of public instruction shall deposit the fees with the state treasurer to the credit of the general fund.

(3) Emergency authorization of employment of a person may be revoked for good cause in accordance with the provisions of 20-4-110."