Colstrip School Buses

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Bus safety is a priority for Colstrip Public Schools. As such, it is important that all students who ride the bus follow some basic bus safety rules. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and remind your children about the importance of bus safety.


· Students must be on time for the bus both morning and afternoon, in the morning they should be at the stop five minutes before scheduled time. The schedule time is the LEAVE time.

· If you miss the bus, DO NOT PULL UP BEHIND THE BUS OR FLASH YOUR LIGHTS TO STOP THE BUS. It is against the law for drivers to stop. You may pass the bus when safe to do so, and proceed to the next bus stop. Students may board their regular/assigned bus at that stop. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE BUS IF THEY RUN UP FROM BEHIND THE BUS. This is very dangerous as the drivers cannot see students in their mirrors.

· If there are no sidewalks available, students should walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic, when coming to meet the bus.

· Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion.

· Students will be assigned seats by the bus driver.

· If necessary to cross, students shall cross the street 10 feet in front of the bus.

· Students are not to extend their hands, arms or heads through bus windows.

· Loud, vulgar or abusive language or behavior is prohibited.

· Students must not open or close windows without permission of the driver.

· The emergency door or window should be opened or exited only in case of an emergency. Any other such action may result in automatic bus suspension.

· Students must keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it.


· Harassment, including sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior and is not tolerated on the bus. This includes, but is not limited to: 1) sexual statements, 2) unwelcome gestures, 3) physical acts or contacts that are objectionable, 4) unwelcome jokes, pictures, threats, comments directed toward an individual that are derogatory.
a) It is illegal and not permitted.
b) It does not have to be tolerated.
c) It should be reported immediately to the principal/school
official if seen or experienced.

In the coming days, children that ride the bus will be practicing safe bus evacuation drills. This may cause your child to be a few minutes late from their normal drop-off time. If you have questions about bussing, please call Toni Helmer or your child's Principal.

Please DO NOT call and request your child be allowed to ride a different bus. The buses will be very full this year and students will not be allowed to ride a different bus than the one they are assigned to.

Have a great school year!

Colstrip Schools Bus Routes 2021-2022

 #1 TAZ   

Driver: Toni Helmer 

Morning Route 

5:00 Pre-trip

5:15 Leave Bus Barn 

5:50 Anderson

5:54 Bends

6:00 Rabbit Town

6:03 Ashland Public

6:10 St. Labre

6.10 Tuff

6:12 Gutierrez-Paz

6:15 Button

6:18 Greenleaf Turn

6:46 Kluver

6:48 Bell

6:54 Clark

7:10 Highway 39

7:13 Mormon Church

7:16 Cottonwood/Cherry

7:17 Currant/Crocus

7:18 Flower Shop

7:19 CPRD

7:21 Olive/Water

7:22 Wildrye/Pine

7:25 FBMS

7:34 CHS

7:39 Appaloosa/Mustang

7:41 Sweetgrass/Appaloosa

7:42 Sweetgrass/Remington

7:43 Chinook/Prospector

7:45 Pine Butte/Vista

7:47 Pine Butte/Laramie Circle

7:53 PBES

8:00 FBMS

8:10 Bus Barn

Afternoon Route

3:00 Pre-trip

3:35 PBES

3:38 CHS

3:45 Mormon Church

3:47 Cottonwood/Cherry

3:48 Currant/Crocus

3:49 Flower Shop

3:50 CPRD

3:51 Olive/Water

3:52 Wildrye/Pine

3:54 FBMS

4:05 Highway 39

4:10 Clark

4:13 Bell

4:15 Kluver

4:57 Greenleaf Junction

5:02 Button

5:03 Tuff

5:11 St. Labre

5:14 Ashland Public

5:17 Rabbit Town

5:24 Bends

5:28 Anderson   5:55 Bus Barn




Driver: To Be Determined

Morning Route

6:00 Pre-trip

6:15 Leave Bus Barn

6:55 White Buffalo Drive (Pow Wow


6:57 CallsFirst Ln (Whitedirt)

6:59 Harris Lane (Harris)

7:01 High School Rd (Spang)

7:03 Little Coyote Drive

7:05 Boys & Girls Club

7:30 FBMS

7:32 CPRD Breakfast Program

7:34 Olive/Juniper

7:35 Olive/Yucca

7:36 Olive/Cornflower

7:44 CHS

7:48 PBES

8:00 Bus Barn

Afternoon Route

3:00 Pre-trip

3:35 PBES

3:42 CHS

3:51 Olive/Cornflower

3:52 Olive/Yucca

3:53 Olive/Juniper

3:54 CPRD

3:56 FBMS

4:04 Appaloosa/Mustang

4:07 Sweetgrass/Appaloosa

4:08 Sweetgrass/Remington

4:09 Chinook/Prospector

4:11 Pine Butte/Vista

4:13 Pine Butte/Laramie Circle

4:35 BIA

4:38 Boys & Girls Club

4:40 Little Coyote Dr.

4:42 Spang

4:43 Harris

4:44 Whitedirt

4:46 Pow Wow Grounds

5:20 Bus Barn


Driver: Boomer Judge

Morning Route

5:35 Pre-trip

5:50 Leave Bus Barn

6:38 Busby TeePee 

6:52 Muddy Cluster

7:03 BIA

7:04 Bigback/Goodluck

7:05 Small/Scalpcane

7:09 Peppers

7:12 Egan

7:18 Old Poacher Road

7:21 Neiman

7:32 FBMS

7:34 CPRD Breakfast Program

7:35 Poplar/Elm

7:36 Poplar/Maple

7:37 Poplar/Olive (high school)

7:47 CHS

7:52 PBES

8:00 Bus Barn

Afternoon Route

3:00 Pre-trip

3:35 PBES

3:41 CHS

3:49 Poplar/Olive

3:50 Polar/Maple

3:51 Poplar/Elm

3:53 CPRD

3:55 FBMS

4:05 Neiman

4:08 Old Poacher Road

4:14 Egan

4:16 Peppers

4:21 Small/Scalpcane

4:22 Bigback/Goodluck

4:23 IHS

4:24 BIA

4:25Tribal Court

4:27 Boys & Girls Club

4:35 Muddy Cluster

4:50 Busby Teepee

5:45 Bus Barn




Morning Route:

7:00 Pre-trip

7:15 Leave Bus Barn 

7:25 Pick up ½ way up Browning

         (green space)

7:28 Cimarron/Hollister Park

7:30 Castle Rock Lake Parking Lot

Afternoon Route:

3:00 Pre-trip

3:35 Leave Bus Barn 

3:43 Castle Rock Lake Parking Lot

3:46 Drop off up ½ way up Browning  

         (green space)

3:49 Cimarron/Hollister Park

4:00 Bus Barn

***If Casper cannot hold all students, Taz will pick up at corner of Homestead & Browning and corner of Homestead & Castle Rock at 8:05am.