Colstrip Competes at Academic Olympics 2022

Southeastern Montana middle school and high school students challenged one another at the Academic Olympics competition on Tuesday, March 08, and Wednesday, March 09, 2022 at Miles Community College in Miles City. 

This year, following a year off due to Covid 19 restrictions, the middle school competition had 12 schools participating with 21 teams and 120 students on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 138 high school students making up 24 teams competed.

The following students represented Frank Brattin Middle School

8th grade-Remy Larson, Aubrey Stroop, Kyla Kerzmann, Paige Bakich-Manley, Austin Jackson, Zane Gardner, Ava Stenulson. 

7th grade- Keenan Steere, Derrick Wheatley, Brand Melin, Addy Vincent, Nate Sessions. 

6th grade- Zaiden Plympton

The first competition was an individual 100-question multiple choice test. Out of 54 eighth grade students, Kyla Kerzmann earned an 11th place ribbon on the written test.  

Brand Melin scored the highest of 51 seventh graders, and placed 3rd overall on the written test.

Zaiden Plymptom scored 2nd on the written test for 6th graders and 10th overall.

Team B, consisting of Kyla Kerzmann, Ava Stenulson, Zane Gardner, Brand Melin, Addy Vincent, Nate Sessions and Zaiden Plympton, scored 5th as a team on the written test out of 21 teams.

Competing for Colstrip High School were Seniors Gabe Marquis, Lily Kemmer, Wiley Bearcomesout, Zander Tallbull, Juniors Ella Bilbro, Cooper Muccillo, Abby Baer, Macy Burns, Kaile Grammer, Sophomores Tahveya Matt, Luke Smith, Gracie Tallbull, and Freshman Devon Verlanic, Slade Toscano, Cady Wilcox, Ricky Yu, Wally Iglehart.

Starting at 9:00 in the morning, teams took the 100-question multiple-choice test. On the written test the following CHS students placed: 

  • Out of 43 students in 9th grade-Slade Toscano 3rd, Devon Verlanic 7th, Cady Wilcox 14th, Ricky Yu 19th, Wally Iglehart 23rd

  • Out of 27 in 10th grade-Luke Smith 2nd, Tahveya Matt 8th, Gracie Tallbull 11th

  • Out of 32 students in 11th grade-Cooper Muccillo 7th, Ella Bilbro 13th, Abby Baer and Macy Burns 17th, Kaile Grammer 18th.

  • Out of 36 in 12th grade-Gabe Marquis 2nd and winner of a $250 Scholarship, Lilly Kemmer 4th, Zander Tallbull 16th, Wylie Bearcomesout 18th.

  • Bringing home the traveling trophy for the highest written team score was Team C-Gabe Marquis, Lily Kemmer, Abby Baer, Luke Smith and Slade Toscano

  • Teams Scores: A-18th, B-10th, C-1st 

  • Gabe Marquis scored 3rd overall

  • Cooper Mucillo and Luke Smith scored 12th overall


Special thanks to Miles City Community College, and The SouthEast Montana Association of School Superintendents for supporting Academic Olympics.