Teacher Appreciation

This week is so important as it is Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6)! As trite as it sounds, most educators don't get into this profession to make money, they are in it to make a difference. In cleaning up after COVID, they are working to bring our communities back together. Their classrooms are filled with numerous losses, mental health challenges, in addition to learning gaps that were created by the pandemic. Teachers are a part of so many different lives. They are MAKING DUST AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE! 

We need to recognize that teachers can provide the pathway back to normal. Our country needs public education and the people that serve our families more than ever. Teachers need support and we need more of them. Please take the time to let them know that they have your support. Take time to let them know that you appreciate the work they are doing. When you VOTE, keep teachers in mind. The payment that comes from appreciation does more for our youth than we know.  

I know we all appreciate the road that our teachers have been down serving our community during this pandemic. Let them know it. Go out of the way to give them a call, text, email or thank them personally. It is in giving that we receive.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!