Emergency  Training taking place at Colstrip

The entire staff met on Friday, August 19 for the first time to start off the 2022-2023 School Year. After welcomes and introductions, the TEAM began reviewing the District Emergency Safety Plan's protocols and procedures for executing building and district responses. Together with Police Chief Cory Hert, the District was able to get Billings SWAT, led by Nathan West (and his team) to present to the staff as well as a number of officers representing multiple city and county departments. The topic and demonstration was based on Active Shooter Response Operations. 

The staff reviewed the systems and tools available in responding to an emergency. After the training many the staff said they felt better prepared to respond to an unknown emergency or threat. 

The District conducts a minimum of eight drills throughout the year including fire, earthquake and lockdown drills. Safety and well being is of the upmost importance in our District. The District has multiple alert systems as well as security and surveillance systems. We will continue to improve and adapt to best practices to keep our students, staff and community safe.