Colstrip Staff working during the September  PIR day.

The Colstrip staff made every moment count during their Pupil Instructional Related day on September 26, 2022 with pedagogical author and speaker Dr. Marie Hubley Alcock. The staff worked on developing curricula that aligns in grades and content K-12. Current standards were vertically aligned and assessment option were introduced. This was a day of working, learning and preparing a guaranteed, viable curriculum that will be used and assessed on an on-going bases. 


Pupil Instruction Related days are mandated by Montana Code Annotated 20-1-304. Pupil-instruction-related day. A pupil-instruction-related day is a day of teacher activities devoted to improving the quality of instruction.

The activities may include but are not limited to inservice training, attending state meetings of teacher organizations, and conducting parent conferences.

A maximum of 7 pupil-instruction-related days may be conducted during a school year, with a minimum of 3 of the days for instructional and professional development meetings or other appropriate inservice training, if the days are planned in accordance with the policy adopted by the board of public education.

The days may not be included as a part of the required minimum aggregate hours of pupil instruction.